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Client Update:
The download page has been updated with:
  1. Client Launcher/Updater
  2. New Client w/ some Tibia 11 features
New Commands:
  • !leaveparty
  • !bonus on/off
New Secret Library Bosses:
  • Lokathmor
  • Mazzinor
  • Ghulosh

Have fun! If you run into any issues let me know.
New client and new Secret Library Bosses:
  • Lokathmor
  • Mazzinor
Added the ability to World Transfer from your account page.
Currently only allows transfer to EU 1, however, in the future there may be transfers allowed to EU2 and NA2 as well.
General Changes:
Added some more spawns and cleaned up the GUI of the Shortcut TPs -> Hunting Spots
Improvements were made to the functioning and appearance of server forum.
Fixed error in the Annihilator Quest where players were unable to pull the lever if a summon was on a tile.
Godric Bot Changes:
Fixed bug where sio list was not showing offline characters.
Improved Godric Bots auto attack spell selection, adding monster range as a factor in the decision making.
When Auto Targeting is on, Godric Bot will only Auto Challenge when a monster is in a 1 sqm range. No longer spamming exeta res unnecessarily.
Added 2 new quick commands:
  1. EK - !bot challenge
  2. ED - !bot sio
Website Changes:
Blocked the ability to create characters with monster names
General Changes:
Improved Powergamers system in regards to storing and processing the daily experience gains.
Fixed error in which player pointer in Shortcuts TP may sometimes get deleted during live server updates.
Fixed error with Pixie having wrong looktype, appearing invisible.
Fixed bug in !addon/!mount talkactions where players were able to get debugged/obtain pseudo-full outfits
Fixed inablity to destroy certain items, weapons rack and small tree plant.
Event Changes:
Zombie, Last Man Standing, Snowball Fight, and Musical chairs will now award the top 3 finishers:
  • 1st - 20 GN + 2kk XP
  • 2nd - 10 GN + 1kk XP
  • 3rd - 5GN + 0.5kk XP
In Zombie event you now have the ability to !shoot the zombies.
Musical Chairs event will now countdown when the round is over and also remove the high walls which were blocking line of sight.
LMS times have changed to put the event more in the prime-time.
Website Changes:
Improved appearance of various pages including: character profiles, highscores, market, etc.
Godric Bot Changes:
Lot's of new talkactions to make life easier. Just type !bot to view them!
Improved Godric Bot percent selection, now ordering from 100 to 0 (remove).
Fixed bug in Godric Bot - Sio window not showing offline players on the sio list.
Boosted Spawns:
Grounds of Plague
Grounds of Fire
Grounds of Destruction
Grounds of Damnation
Halls of Ascension
Store Update:
Reduced the price of Double XP Doll from 25 coins to 15 coins
Auto-Loot Updates:
  • Now all loot will go into your Loot Bag, which is located in your store inbox
Shop Updates:
  • Every donation option now includes bonus packages as a special thanks to all those who support us
Other Updates:
  • It is now possible to face Grand Master Oberon
GodricBot Updates:
  • Added possiblity to save 3 attack settings
  • Added Auto Sio for druids
Other Updates:
  • Improved the elemental damage of imbued weapons and their mana/health leeching
  • Reduced physical resistance of Falcon Bosses
  • Added feature to improve Modal Windows functioning
House decoration furniture/items have been moved to the Gold Nugget store.
Decreased the HP of Warzone 4, 5, and 6 bosses, should be much easier for smaller groups and solo hunts.

Added an item forger anvil in Thaid Depot.
The goal behind that is to help newer players see what they can do with tokens and nuggets and also how to create umbral items.
Falcon Mini Bosses have been added. You can check when they spawn on the Raids Page.

You can loot falcon set (lvl 300+) items from them.

Grand Master Oberon coming soon.
Added tasks to Grizzly Adams for Warzones 4/5/6 and Falcons.
Falcon Bastion has been added, it can be accessed via the Shortcut TPs -> High Level Spawns
The bosses will be coming soon as well.
WZ 4 Changes;
  • Decreased HP of aggressive lava
  • Decreased HP of organic matter
WZ 6 Changes;
  • Decreased HP of fiery heart
  • Increased spawn interval of hearts from 30s to 45s
What's New?
  • Warzones 4, 5, & 6 and their bosses
  • Gnome set is obtainable as loot from the new WZ bosses
  • Makeshift Warrior Outfit is now obtainable.
  • Mole mount can be tamed with a Candle Stump
  • Roshamuul Prison spawn has been enhanced
Today we will be releasing the final part of the Heart of Destruction Quest. This includes 4 bosses
  • The Hunger
  • The Destruction
  • The Rage
  • World Devourer
It will be pretty challenging and you have only 30 minutes to complete it.
Status: Released!
Updated the Raids Wiki countdown timers to be more specific and easier to read.
  • Fixed error where Outburst would sometimes spawn 2x.
  • Middle Earth Boots got a buffed to 100 mp/s & 50 hp/s.
  • Fixed error in GodricBot where paladins potion healing was bugged a bit. Healing mana with Health Pot instead of Mana Pot when mana was below the threshold.
  • Fixed problem with Auto Loot where players were having difficulty looting voodoo dolls from monsters due to duplicate items named voodoo doll.
  • Added more channels to the Middle Earth OTS Discord.
  • Added Skullcrusher, Impaler, and Silkweaver Bow to NPC [Loot Buyer].
Added a new tile next to the shortcut teleports. While standing on this tile you may not be pushed!
Added pacth to fix a bug where sometimes Destabilized Ferumbras did not spawn even after all 8 Ferumbras Essences were lured into the vortexes.
  • Fixed error at NPC Addoner where the Hunter outfit was not being added properly to both genders.
  • NPC has been corrected for new obtainers and for past obtainers a re-log will fix your situation.
  1. Fixed bug on Guild Wars page where images and war kills were not showing properly.
  2. Added Stone Rhino to the Mounts Library and added links to the taming items.
  3. Fixed error on the character page where skill bar was extending too far on smaller screens.
Grizzly Adams is now offering a Roshamuul Prison Creatures task!
It does not include energy elementals!!!

Have fun! <3
Grizzly Adams is now offering a Catacomb creatures task! Happy hunting! :D
It is now possible to select your Country Flag on your account page under the Public Information section! :D
The Twitch page will now identify when a streamer is actively streaming.
We have added a Frequently Asked Questions page which you can view under the Library section.
Middle Earth OTS is coming to the Americas! The server will be opening on Saturday, January 5th at 12:00 pm EST! Keep an eye on the countdown both on our website and Otservlist! Enjoy your holidays and see you in the New Year!
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