War of Emperium War of Emperium

To join the event you will need to be part of a guild.

The objective is to be in control of the Emperium when time is over! (check the video for more information)
The winning guild will receive 10% bonus experience as long as they own the castle (24 hours).
Everyday at 20:00:00.
(type !time in-game)
Recent WoE Winners
Guild Conquested by Time
Mexican Krippy 5 hours ago
Mexican Krippy 1 day ago
Mexican Krippy 2 days ago
Mexican Krippy 3 days ago
Mexican Krippy 4 days ago
Mexican Krippy 5 days ago
Last Warning Ninja 6 days ago
Mexican Jarocha Pvp 1 week ago
Mexican Jarocha Pvp 1 week ago
Last Warning Maniack 1 week ago